The American Elm is long-lived, with some reported being as old as 300 years.

Think of the legacy you will provide for future enjoyment.

American Elms are loved for their graceful, stately shape, with branches that look like spreading fountains.

Has been known to reach over 100 feet in height, this fast growing tree won’t make you wait as long as with some other trees for shade.

In the fall, the American Elm’s foliage transforms to a beautiful rich yellow.

The American Elm prefers moist, well-drained soil and is drought tolerant.

 In little to no time and effort to maintain, the American Elm will provide many years of shade and beauty.

Scientific Name: Ulmus americana 'American'

Deciduous Tree

Growing Zones: 2-9

Mature Height: 60-80 Feet

Mature Width: 40-70 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun- Part Shade

Elm, American (5 Gallon)

 Zones: 2-9

  • Price: $14.00