Burning Bush

Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus) offers a burst of brilliant crimson color in fall to any landscape. Adaptable to most any site and soil condition with minimum care, burning bush is an excellent choice for new home owners and novice gardeners who want to make a statement or have a focal point in your yard.

Burning Bushes are a fast grower that will not make you wait for the eye popping fall color. Grows best in part shade to full sun. For that burst of fiery color in fall, plant the shrubs where it gets full sun for most of the day.

Scientific Name:  Euonymus alatus

Deciduous Plant

Growing Zones: 4-8

Mature Height: 8-10 foot

Mature Width: 6-8 Feet

Light Requirements: Full to Partial Shade


Burning Bush (2 Gallon)

Zones: 4-8 

  • Price: $9.00