Callaway (White)


Callaway crabapples are noted for their rounded shape, white flowers, along with its large red fruit and excellent disease resistance.

Bright oval green leaves and pink buds open in spring to white flowers. Flowers are followed by large, bright red crabapples that mature in fall and may persist into winter. With its Slow to moderate growth rate Callaway can reach up to 25'.  Prefers full sun, making it one of the best for Southern areas.

Birds are attracted to the fruit and the Fruit is sometimes harvested for jellies.


Low Temp: -20°F

Scientific Name: Malus x 'Callaway'


Growing Zones: 5-8

Mature Height: 15-25 Feet

Mature Width: 15-25 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Crabapple, Callaway (White) 5 Gallon

Zones: 5-8

  • Price: $14.00