Few plants have flowers this large... and you'll get hundreds of them on each of your Chinese Viburnum bush!

With its bright white blooms, Chinese Viburnum looks like a cheerleaders pom-poms. You'll get flowers in mid spring that last through early summer.

The Snowball Viburnum Bush is an easy choice for a decorative or showcase piece.

It can also be used in border or foundation plantings, as part of a hedge, or many other landscape designs.

Scientific Name: Viburnum macrocephalum 'Chinese'

Deciduous Plant

Growing Zones: 6-9

Mature Height: 10-15 Feet

Mature Width: 10-15 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun 


Viburnum, Chinese (2 Gallon)

Zone: 6-9

  • Price: $9.00