The Elliot Pecan Tree is vigorous, strong tree, with deep taproots.

Producing a moderate sized crop, it has nuts which are generally small in size, normally around 82 per pound, that feature a medium-thick shell, and light colored, excellent flavored kernel.

Elliott Pecan is very resistant to scab and other leaf diseases, and has a low chilling requirement, making it a perfect pecan tree for southern states, complimented by the Desirable pecan tree for a pollinizer.


Scientific Name: Carya illinoinensis 'Elliot'

Deciduous Tree

Growing Zones: 6-9

Mature Height: 70-100 Feet

Mature Width: 60-70 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun 

Pecan, Elliott ( 7 Gallon)

Zones: 5-9

  • Price: $22.00