Loblolly pines are a fast growing evergreen that is an important timber tree and a prime choice for wind and privacy screens. This pine is also important to wildlife, providing food and habitat. Distinguished by its large, columnar trunk, attractive bark with reddish brown plates, and pale green needles.

Loblolly Pines are an evergreen that is adaptable to grow in most sites and soils, however does not thrive in wet soil. The loblolly will grow in shade, but it prefers direct sunlight and grows faster with sun.


Scientific Name: Pinus taeda

Growing Zones: 6-9

Mature Height: 60-90 Feet

Mature Width: 25-35 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Pine, Loblolly ( 5 Gallon )

Zones: 6-9

  • Price: $14.00