Shummard Oak is one of the largest southern red oaks.  Shummard Oak is a lowland tree and grows scattered with other hardwoods on moist, well-drained soils associated with large and small streams. It grows moderately fast and produces acorns every 2 to 4 years that are used by wildlife for food.

The wood is superior to most red oaks, but it is mixed indiscriminately with other red oak lumber and used for the same products. This tree makes a handsome shade tree.


Scientific Name: Quercus shumardii 'Shumard'

Deciduous Tree

Growing Zones: 5-9

Mature Height: 40-60 Feet

Mature Width: 40-60 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun to Light Shade

Oak, Shumard ( 5 Gallon )

 Zones: 4-9

  • Price: $14.00