Summer's Tower (TM) pp#25701

Summer’s Tower Redud is a tight, upright vase-shaped Redbud tree.

With its pinkish lavender flowers that cover the branches in early spring, and heart shaped leaves this tree is sure to be a show stopper in any landscape.

The vigorous growth, and compact shape makes it perfect to use in confined spaces, or grouped in larger landscapes.

Heat and drought tolerant makes this Redbud perfect for the beginning gardener.  


Scientific Name: Cercis canadensis 'JN7' PP25701

Deciduous Plant

Growing Zones: 5-9

Mature Height: 20-25 Feet

Mature Width: 10-12 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun 

Summer's Tower (TM) pp#25701 (2 Gallon)

Zones: 5-9

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