Blueray Kousa

Blue Ray Kousa Dogwood is one of the few dogwoods that has both striking foliage and flowers. Plant this to add a wonder new look to your spring time landscape.

Blue Ray boasts a unique vase-shaped silhouette with striking blue-green foliage that lays flat and allows the large, 3-4" ivory-white blooms to steal the show. With the blue-green leaves and ivory white blooms is sure to be a show stopper in any landscape setting.

The changing of the leaves to deep red gives another colorful display in fall.


Scientific Name: Cornus kousa
Deciduous Plant
Growing Zones: 5-8
Mature Height: 15-25 Feet
Mature Width: 25 Feet
Light Requirements: Full Sun 


Dogwood, Blueray Kousa (5 Gallon)

Zones: 5-8

  • Price: $19.25