Magnolia Sweetbay is often grown as an ornamental landscape tree because of its attractive foliage and flowers.  This large, multi-stemmed evergreen, with its creamy white flowers that dispense a cool, sweet, lemony fragrance.

With its open crown of spreading branches, and pale green leaves that have silvery underside will bring beauty to any landscape. 

All magnolias have unusual, exotic-looking cones, but those on a Sweetbay Magnolia are showier than most, and create less mess than other magnolia tree species.


Low Temp:  -20°F

Scientific Name: Magnolia virginiana

Semi-evergreen Plant

Growing Zones: 5-9

Mature Height: 10-20 Feet

Mature Width: 10-20 Feet

Light Requirements: Full to Partial Sun 

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Magnolia, Sweetbay (2 Gallon)


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Magnolia, Sweetbay (3 Gallon)

Zone: 5-9

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