White Flowering Dogwoods burst of full white blooms every spring is only one of the reasons this tree is stunning in any landscape. Along with its deep green leaves that turn scarlet in fall, making this dogwood a scenic sight in all seasons.

The beautiful creamy white flower blooms appear between March and June, making this dogwood a welcoming spring plant.

White Flowering Dogwoods make a wonderful wildlife source as the red berries appear in the fall and winter.


-Low Temp:  -20°F
-Deciduous Plant
-Zones: 5-9
-Mature size: 25ft tall by 25ft wide
-Full Sun


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Dogwood, White (2 Gallon)

Zones: 5-9

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Dogwood, White (3 Gallon)

 Zones: 5-9

  • Price: $12.00